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Inaction is Action

I talk about goals all of the time. Not just setting them but reviewing them and then following through with them— or as I love to call it– taking MASSIVE ACTION!!!

That is the only way to move forward with your life.

You can set all the goals you want– write them down, put them on your bathroom mirror, whatever….. But if you don’t take action towards them, nothing will ever happen. Your basically stuck in life on a race track, always turning left. You may think things are happening because things are going fast in your life, things are moving. But nothing is really happening.

The opposite of action is INACTION!

Inaction is worse then anything. In all reality, it is a decision. It is a decision not to do anything. So in a sense it is ACTION!  

Take for instance someone who joins a gym. Things are really going to start to change, right?

Maybe. Maybe Not.

That person comes home from a long day at work and says ‘I’m too tired to workout today’. That’s your decision, that’s your inaction, that is your action.

This is the kind of action that becomes a habit and a bad one.

Someone signs up for a group fitness program, comes for a few sessions, doesn’t see results, doesn’t ask for help, and stops coming. Then blames the program for not getting the results.

But it’s not the program, it’s that SOMEONE who decided to take the NON ACTION.
The action NOT to do something is just as strong and most times even stronger then actually DOing something.


Usually the decision not to do something is putting something off that you need to do, but you just don’t want it bad enough.

‘I’ll learn a new language when I have the time, I’ll go back to school, I’ll start working out again……. I’ll start my diet on the first of the month but for the rest of the month I’ll eat all the crap I want.’

YOU are responsible for YOU!

‘A volunteer is someone who takes full responsibility for the quality, path, and design of his/her life. A victim is someone who blames outside forces, such as the circumstance, bad luck, and/or one’s parents, for the quality, path and design of his her life period. A volunteer is awake, or ‘present’ to the surrounding environment and provides support and positive energy to others. A victim is self absorbed, and drains others of their energy. A volunteer feels blessed for the quality of his/her life, despite obstacles and circumstances. A victim feels victimized by obstacles and circumstances.’

-Jack Schropp, Commander Navy Seals (Ret.)


What do YOU want?

Figure it out, write it down, and then DO! Take action to go get it.


Don’t know where to start? Don’t have the necessary skills or knowledge to get what you want right now?

That’s ok, somebody does. Somebody has been in your exact position where you are right now, and they made the necessary changes to change and move forward with their life. And so can you.

Out there on Earth, where ever you are, you have access to some book, some audio program, some DVD, some coach, some school, some mentor, some website, something….. That can help you get what you truly want.
And if you truly want to be the best at it, or get good at it or even  just be average at it, then you are going to have to invest your time and money into it.

Getting what you want out of life isn’t about ‘how much is it going to cost me?’ it’s about investing in yourself. Both time and/or money.

No investment, no change.

No change, you stay where you are, making excuses about what might have been.

But all of that can stop in an instant.

You just got to stop taking inaction and not doing and move yourself to taking massive action and actually doing. Your life will change.


I’m no mind reader. I have people and clients that email me all the time about this topic or that. They are taking action, reaching out for help on a subject that matters to them.
And then I have clients and newsletter readers that don’t ask any questions, so I assume you’ve got everything handled. And that you’ve gone through the other nutrition, fitness, ebooks, videos, and emails I have out there and they are taking action towards implementing some of that stuff. But I’m always there in case they need me. They just need to ask.

So I ask you,  what are you going to do right now to take action and accountability to get what you want?

What book are you going to read, what coach are you going to hire, what person are you going to ask, what DVD are you going to watch, what website are you going to visit, what food are you going to eliminate, what workout are you going to do, what are you going to do?

What are you going to do to become the strongest person you can be?

What are you going to do to become the Improvement Warrior?

If you need help setting goals click here. (new website will open up) 

People procrastinate the most on either their health or wealth. What are you putting off that needs action right now?

Box Breathing- Stress Relief Technique

Jason Yun takes you introduces you to box breathing and takes you through a cycle of it. This is excellent to clear your mind and relieve stress. This is something that I picked up from Mark Devine, Former Navy Seal Commander and creator of Unbeatable Mind. This is what we use everyday before our Improvement Warrior Yoga Practice in Hilliard, OH.

Hey! What’s up? It’s Jason Yun, LBNOnlineFitness.com, Improvement Warrior Fitness. I’m sitting here in my car and we are stuck in traffic. I just wanted to show a quick technique that I use routinely when I am driving. I was listening to Podcast (earlier). Most people get stressed out with traffic. It’s 12:45, so it’s an accident but it’s not even rush hour but most people get stressed out with traffic and there’s no reason to do that so I just wanted to show you a stress relieving technique that I do. It’s called Box breathing. (In) box breathing, what you do is you inhale for 5 seconds then you hold at the top of 5 seconds then you exhale 5 seconds and then hold that for 5 seconds and as you get better at it you just increase the time. I’ve worked my way for about 10 to 12 seconds for each now. There’s an app in a link down below. It’s Pranayama by Seagara. It’s a pretty cool app. I do it every day.


But basically, what you do is breathe in for 5 seconds, hold 5 seconds, exhale 5 seconds and then hold that for 5 seconds. As you breathe in, you breathe in through your ujjayi breathing. I’ll probably make another video for it. It’s an excellent way to breathe, actually I have a link that will take you to a thing you can download so I can take you through it. But it’s basically breathing to the back of your throat kinda like you are folding up glasses or Darth Vader. So now we’ll try box breathing alright.


Breathe in for 5 seconds. Ready go.








and breathe in.


And basically, that’s three cycles. It’s basically all you do, helps relives stress, helps to improve your breath control so it’s always good for your mind. There are only two things you can control in your life at all times and those are your thoughts and your breath. Well, if you are underwater, you can’t control your breath. So that’s box breathing, alright. I’ll put those links down below. And don’t get stressed out by traffic. Don’t get stressed out by people. Live a positive life. Stay strong. Stay positive. Be the improvement warrior!


When is the right time…….NOW!

I hear it all the time.

‘It’s just not the right time for me.’
OK. When is the right time?
What exactly are you waiting for? 
The stars to align up perfectly?
 It never is the right time. Things are always going on. Things are always going to come up.
Here’s the latest one I received:
            Sorry this was not the right time for me to try your workouts. It’s been a little rough with my sister’s passing. Thanks for checking but I will not be continuing with the training.
Now I know you are saying have a heart the guy’s sister passed. But guess what— that is life. That is an example of things happening.
But what if your mom died, or your dad, or your brother, or sister, or spouse or friend or whoever?
Is that going to control you from taking control of your life. 
When is the right time? 
I’ll tell you exactly when the right time is—–
take action now in spite of fear and doubt mindtamer
People are so afraid to make changes. They try and avoid it as much as they can.
Because change requires work. Usually a lot of work and hard work.
So going from coach potato to working out is one of the hardest things to do.
Switching careers or jobs from a position you hate is hard.
‘I Hate this job but I’m good at it, or it’s super easy, and it pays the bills. If I get another one I’ll have to apply and go through interviews and meet new people, and…….. oh I’ll just stay here and be miserable until the time is right.’ 
The Pain isn’t great enough to move forward and out of that situation. Being comfortable is being average. Do you want to be average, or to you want to live extraordinarily.
Back to the original example with the person’s sister dying.
Don’t you think that person’s sister wants what is best for them? I would find it hard to believe that anyone’s sister would not want that. But my sister, your sister, this person’s sister, that person’s sister cannot get inside of YOU and internally motivate you to do it.
Whatever the IT is.
It’s up to you. You have to find the reason you want to change.
Whether it be to move away from pain or towards pleasure.
If you are overweight the reasons that might motivate you to change might be:
– diabetes
– heart disease
– embarrassment
– shortened life
– your kids are embarrassed by you
– not able to do certain activités
Pleasure reasons might be
-attract a  partner
– self confidence
– stronger
– healthier
– move better
– pick up a sport
the lists go on and on.
But the reason has to push you to change. To change away from whatever you want. It can’t just get you to talk about it. SHOW ME!
Show me how bad you want it!
Homework for you— No Joke. Do this if you are not doing it. 
Sit down, no distractions, turn off your phone, turn off facebook, turn off the TV. 1-2 hours sit down and figure out what you want in life.
What you really want in life?
Are you where you thought you were going to be when you hit your age? 
Are you doing what you want to be doing? Can you see yourself doing it for the rest of your life?
Do this, do not put it off!
Ask yourself the hard questions?
  • are you overweight or obese?
    • do you want to be?
  • are you in the relationship you want to be?
    • is it supporting you towards who you want to be and grow to become?
  • Are you going to school for the right reasons? Or is it because you feel culturally obligated or family obligated?
  • Do you like your job or career?
  • Are you sad all the time?
  • Are you anxious all the time?
Those last three was all about me. And then I found my passion. The reason I was put on this earth. It turned my life around.
I wasn’t put on this Earth to make collection calls to people that didn’t pay their pay day loans and yell at them all day and piss them and myself off, and cause me to be depressed and sad everyday I left and went into work. That wasn’t the life for me.
Enough was enough. I made the change, and so can you.
Do it!
Do the HOMEWORK I assigned in this email.
Send it to me if you want!
This is life. Don’t go through life  living dead.
Stay strong, Stay Positive, Be the Improvement Warrior!
mindtamer join now time is right

The True Way Lasting Change- Daily Spiritual Practice

inner calm and spirituality will change your life

I have started to do a daily spiritual practice and daily practice that has literally changed my life. And I know it will change yours too.

I know what you are going to say and it’s what most people say when coming up with a reason why not to do something that they need to do—-

‘I don’t have time’

This is exactly what I thought. And you know what? Now that I do my daily practice and sadhana (daily spiritual practice) I have more time then I used to.

You see the mind is full of thoughts running wild and taking us all over the place. Something a lot of people call the Monkey Mind. Places we don’t want to be, things or people we don’t need worry about, situations we have no control over. And it is constant, all day, unless we are asleep, and some people still have their minds running while sleeping.

UNLESS you turn off your mind! And de-connect with the world.

My daily practice consists of several things. Here is a list and the meaning of each for me:

  1. Meditation– To me this is the most important and has had the most profound impact on my life. I started doing this in June of 2012. I usually listen to a guided meditation where it takes me some place or it focuses on a certain aspect that I need to be more aware of like breathing, love, body, nutrition, positivity, etc…. This is also a time where I absorb the things I have learned throughout the day, brining them into my subconscious so that I am able to eliminate all the clutter and just focus on the important things that really matter to me. You can read this post about my failings with meditation the first time I tried it here. 
  2. Warrior Yoga– This form of yoga was created for the Martial Arts. I am not a martial artist, but I do love their discipline and I now love Yoga. If you would of told me in bodybuilding days that I would be doing Yoga daily I would of knocked you out. This is my abiltiy to connect my breathing to body movements and poses. It also clears the mind, as I am totally present in what i am doing and not concerned with the daily noise that the world thinks is so important. In the Mindtamer program we teach you that breath and thoughts are the two things we can control. Some of the moves are challenging for me, but with daily practice I get a little bit better each day. Yoga is meditation in movement.
  3. Box Breathing– This is a breathing practice, or Pranayama, that helps to get in better control with the breath. The better control you are of your breath, the better you can control your mindset, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Which result in being in better control of your life. As I go through a meditation certification I am constantly learning new pranayamas, sometimes I switch them out for box breathing as well.
  4. Resistance Band stretching– Stretching with bands is the best way to increase dynamic flexibility. And life is dynamic, we are never static and in the same place. Flexibility is important just as strength training or nutrition is. Use it or lose it. If a joint or muscle is restricted it is opened up for injury and lack of mobility. I do not want my body to have a lack of anything which is why I stretch with the bands.
  5. Reading– I’m always reading or listening to books on tape. Highly recommend getting the Audible App (click the banner above). Books on business, motivation, mindset, change, finances, nutrition, fitness, strength coaching, philosophy, and a lot navy seal/army books. Education should never stop after ‘regular’ schooling. I’ve learned more since 2007 then I did in my entire life. ‘Reading is the mental food’ -Bruce Lee
  6. Reading Motivational Documents– I have some documents that I read at least 5 times a week. These documents include Keckich’s Credos- which are 100 philosphy tips that he created. They are awesome. Google Keckich’s credos, you won’t be sorry. It’s a document we gave to all Mindtamers as well. Other things I read are the Optimist’s Creed, I go back through an old book and re-read the highligthed sections, my monthly/quarterly/yearly goals, My Rules for my life, My 10 year vision, and 34 Business Maverick ideas from Yanik Silver. Finally I read a quote from my motivating quotes that I’ve downloaded over time. All of these things really keep me motivated to stay on track and keep moving forward.
  7. Gratitude Journal– Every night I write in my journal just expressing everything that I am happy for and grateful for. Things that happened that day, or people, or places. Really makes me realize how awesome my life is and that complaining does nothing because we are here for such a short period of time and we need to make the best of it.

Do you do any type of spiritual practivce or daily practice that makes you feel good? Let me know about it.

I guess I left one off the list and that would be my training, or workout. I usually try and get 5 in a week. Physical and mental fitness go hand in hand.

Bceoming more spiritual is one of the main things we try and instill in people going through the mindtamer program. It’s something that I know can change your life around, especially if you are not doing anything now. It’s something even just at the beginning of 2012 I never would of thought I’d be doing. But I was closed minded. I opened my mind and eyes and it entered me into a completely different lifestyle, frame of mind, and a new passion!

Give it a try! It’s only $1 for the first 14-days of Mindtamer.

Practice makes perfect!

jason yun mindtamer for spirituality


How I Failed with Meditation– Initially

In mid-2012 I started meditating. It has been the most wonderful, life changing experience in my entire life.

But it wasn’t always easy-going. I tried it before a few times and I quit each time after.

I had bought a book from Yogani called Deep Meditation. Read through it and was very excited to get started.

In the book Yogani recommends using a mental saying if ‘I AM’ when breathing. I did this. But the problem is I would get lost, my mind would start wondering all over the place. I really could only do it for 3-5 minutes before losing attention.

I kept trying though, I did it for about a week straight. Every time I did it I did feel a lot better, even though it was only for 3-5 minutes. But then after about a week I wasn’t doing it everyday, it was like every other day, and then sometimes once every 3 days. I knew there was benefit to doing it. I felt better doing it. But I let other things get in the way of doing it.

So I quit doing it all together. I had more important things to do at the time, I thought and reasoned to myself. And with the in frequencies I was doing it with, I wasn’t feeling it as good as when I was doing it consistently.

It was about 3 months until I tried it again. But the same thing happened. After about 5 or 6 days straight, inconsistency started, and then I quit again.

I was like how do people do this for 10, 20, 30 minutes or more. I can’t even do it for 3 minutes a day!

It was so hard for me to sit in silence, each time thoughts would come up about this thing in the past, or that thing I need to do in the future. I wasn’t IN the meditation or in the moment. I couldn’t clear my mind.

It was about another 4 months before I would get involved in meditation again. I signed up for a mental training program and one of the first things coach introduced us to was mediation.

But this meditation was different. He was speaking to you the entire time. It was a guided visualization meditation. It was about 15 minutes long.

The first time I came out of it— WOW!

I can do this everyday! That was freakin’ awesome!

Having someone tell you exactly what to concentrate on was a whole lot easier than sitting in silence and focusing on ‘I AM’. And the way I felt was truly amazing. Granted unwanted thoughts would pop up periodically throughout the guided visualization but it was a lot easier to focus back to the words being spoken and focus on my breathing.

Eventually I got an app on my Iphone as well, called Relax Melodies Oriental, which has different kinds of ambient sounds and music that I listen to when I meditate.

Now if I miss a day I feel it. My emotions and anxiety are turned up a notch. It has basically become my ‘drug’.

So what was the difference between my failing to practice meditation and then becoming successful at it and longing for it and needing it? 

1- I didn’t realize there were other methods of doing it out there. I read the Deep Meditation book and thought that was how you meditate. Not knowing there are literally hundreds of different ways to do so.

2- I didn’t make it a habit. Doing something for 7-10 days is not going to form a habit. It takes a minimum of 21 days. All new things are hard, but with practice it gets easier.

3- I didn’t make it a priority. When I was practicing the ‘I AM’ meditation I basically was just like I’ll do it when and if I have time. Sometimes I would have time, sometimes I wouldn’t. With the guided visualizations, after the first one I  started scheduling in my daily to do list everyday since. I made it a priority.

You can literally take this lesson about me and my failing with meditation and transcend it into any area of your life.

For instance Working out and losing body fat.

1- Other methods- There are literally hundreds of ways to workout. Don’t like one, find another.

2- Make it a habit- Start off slow whenever starting a new workout plan, and then build up from there. You need to build up your strength, conditioning before moving up in levels. Doing stuff too fast will result in pain, either joint or muscle, cause you to get discouraged and quit. I see it all the time with trial members who come in to our fitness studio- they do too much their first day, they try to stay up with the veterans and next thing you know, they are never seen from again. Remember working out is something you are going to be doing the rest of your life, take it slowly. Otherwise start>quit>start>quit>start>quit it is always going to suck for you because you are a beginner.

3- Make it a priority- What is the reason you are doing this? It better be for you and nobody else. Schedule it. It happens. It is going to happen. Regardless of what happens at work, home, school, etc… It is going to happen regardless of ___________. You must commit and then take action. Patience and persistence– that’s how you make this work.

ANd that’s how you make everything work. That’s how I made meditation, warrior yoga, box breathing, and all of my daily spiritual routines work. 

You can do it! You just need to make the commitment and go after it.

My mindtamer program can help guide you along the way, but you have got to want to stop failing at things and start succeeding.

What is your reason?

What is your purpose?

If you are not meditating now, this is something that we cover in great detail in Mindtamer. And it is something that I believe will change your life. I created a free weight loss meditation that you can download here. Take the journey to the new spiritual you.

Free weight loss meditation- Perfect Health Perfect Body