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Getting out of your comfort zone- Mindtamer

Getting out of your comfort zone!!!! By Jason Yun– Mindtamer  Doing something different. & Do you have a routine that you follow? & Something that you are very, very comfortable with doing? $ Something you are so comfortable doing and familiar with you could do it with your eyes closed. Or close your eyes and […]


Sometimes you just need to take a break

Sometimes you just need to take a break.   We all are extremely busy these days. It seems like we are being pulled in 99 directions at once. & I’m certainly no different. It seems I am constantly working. Constantly moving towards my business goals, my training goals, etc… and whenever I’m not doing that, […]

Does your body need a break? Read on....

Rules and Expectations to become a Tamer of the Mind

Rules and Expectations (these are subject to change):   1. In the forum/facebook page- Check in every Friday with your progress. This is an accountability tool that should not be taken lightly. Hence, why it is rule #1. Friday is checkin day, if you are late, explain why you are late. This needs to become […]